Rotary International - Libertyville Sunrise Rorary Club


The North Shore Wine, Beer & Cigar Festival is Lake County’s charity-orientated tasting festival.  The Festival is hosted by the Libertyville Sunrise Rotary Club and its proceeds are distributed annually at the Club’s Charitable Giving Dinner to over forty charities in the Libertyville-area and throughout Lake County. To learn more about Libertyville Sunrise Rotary, visit our webpage.

In its tenth annual hosting, the Festival will offer tastings of over 100 wines from up to 15 different vendors, 80 beers from local craft breweries and distributors, and a variety of cigar offerings.

For our wine and beer selections, we have partnered with Libertyville's Main Street Social Restaurant to offer multiple selections and varieties of beverages. These tastings will be offered to you by local, national and international wineries & breweries.  North Shore Distillery will also be on hand to offer a selection of their crafted spirits.

For our cigar aficionados, we work with Libertyville’s own Neumann’s Cigars & More to offer pairings of different blends of cigars to compliment your favorite wines and beers (Festival Exclusive).



VIP Wine Tasting 3:30-6:00pm - CIVIC CENTER

VIP Wine Tasting will take place in the Libertyville Civic Center located at the west end of Church Street.  Entrance to the VIP area will be restricted to VIP ticket purchasers and one paid guest of the VIP.  During this event time, only tastings (1.0-1.5oz) of wine will be poured.  There will be no less than 15 wine vendors, each serving up to 6 wines each.  In addition to their general lines of wine produced, premium wines for tasting will be provided by each of the wine providers.  The higher rated wines will only be provided during the VIP hours.  Please understand that the wine vendors are pouring tasting samples from donated selections. They do not offer "Unlimited" samplings, and certain select wines may taste out during the event.  No taste tickets will be required to taste the wine within the VIP area, but pours will be limited to taste proportions.  As part of the VIP ticket purchase, each VIP is given $100 credit toward the purchase of wine at the event.  Please refer to ordering below for details relating to how to order wine at the event.

General Admission 4:00-8:30pm - CHURCH STREET

Wine Tasting - During this time period, 6-7 vendors will provide wine tastings.  Tastings (1.0-1.5oz) of wine will be provided for one tasting ticket per serve. 

Beer Tasting - Beer vendors will open at this time. Tastings (3.0-3.5oz) will be available for one tasting ticket.  It is expected that there will be as many as 15-20 providers offering 2-4 beers each.

Cigar Offering - We are happy to have Cigars & More back providing superior cigar selections for those discerning smokers.  Cigars will be provided for 2 tasting tickets each.

Due to village ordinance, cigar smoking must be kept outside the tented areas, and within the confines of the event perimeter.


All wines served at the event will be available for purchase by any paid attendee at the event.  VIP ticket purchasers receive an automatic $100 credit toward the purchase of wine at the event. 

To make ordering easier for all attendees, the event will be using a mobile device ordering platform provided by OneCause (formerly known as BidPal).  Any attendee, including all VIP's, wishing to order wine at the event will be required to provide their mobile device phone number and a credit card to get access to the OneCause app for ordering wine.  The app will have all listings of wine available for purchase, and will be referenced to each serving table.  It is expected that all ordered wine will be available for pickup after the event at Main Street Social, located at 608 N. Milwaukee Ave, Libertyville. 

Notes to ordering wine.

1. Provide a mobile number and have your credit card swiped at entry to obtain access to the app.

2. Charge your mobile device, and rely on your phone service for internet access to the app.

3. All orders will need to be finalized at the event by a representative of Main Street Social.

4. Wines will be available for pickup within 14 days after the event at Main Street Social.


Any unused VIP credit will go directly to the Libertyville Sunrise Rotary Foundation.

Main Street Social has agreed to share profits from the wine sales with the Foundation.